So… who am I

My resume starts with…Proactive information technology leader with more than a decade of experience implementing and troubleshooting network and systems, however since this is a little more informal, I’d like to say that I’m someone who is passionate about learning new things, anything that picks my interest like music, movies, crafts, DIY are just a few things that I currently like and love doing.

Because I’ve been doing Network Engineering for a long time typically this will have technology things but there are times that I might have something to share that are no IT related but still are things that I feel need to be here. This is also a way for me to documents things that have happened to me and I desire to help people out on their journey

I do from time to time give talks for young Hispanic professionals that are starting their lives here in the estates.

I never consider myself an expert on anything but my wife says I am so I’m happy with that.

Feel free to reach out for anything, I would like to make some new friends too.